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Psychic tarot and crystal readings


Welcome to Psychic Crystal Cave! My name is Meg and I have been doing Tarot card readings for over 2 years professionally but worked with various packs for many years.  I am a qualified crystal therapist and have been using crystals for over 6 years now, I thoroughly enjoy working with them, collecting them and healing with them and have a very large crystal collection which just keeps growing! 

Through this website, I hope to spread my love of crystals and all things supernatural! I do have a special soft spot for crystal skulls and have many lovely adventures with mine which I will be posting about whenever I get the chance to do so! 

Currently, I run  psychic development groups via Facebook and am pleased to inform you that they will now be available as an email course which for now is the bargain price of £10 for a 10 week course (1 class per week). Please feel free to order from the shop section or get in touch via email to find out more about this.  The course is for beginners who have had very little or no prior experience with development.  

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